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May 23, 2011

He's Two!

Well, he's been two for a while, but the stereotypical two year-old behaviors have suddenly appeared. Thaddie Maddie likes things to be his way. "No" and "Me dis." (I want this.) are some of his favorite words. He is still a cuddly guy and loves to laugh and make others laugh, but some of his attempts are not as funny to his mother, who has to help clean up all that dirt and water and icky stuff. One of his sure hits is saying "Pee!" whenever anyone says "repeat."

Thad seems to be a bit scared of bugs. He stands frozen, pointing and repeating, "bug" or "nant" over and over until someone saves him. He doesn't seem to be afraid of heights and likes to try to climb up wherever his big siblings are and join them. Nor does he seem to fear water, but enjoys turning it on every chance he gets.