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Four Months

Thaddeus is now 15 pounds, 3 oz. and 26.6 inches long. That puts him at average weight and super long for a four month old boy. Mornings are a very happy time of day for the whole family. Thaddeus usually goes back to sleep for a nice nap after saying good morning to everyone. He takes another good two naps or so throughout the day with intermittent times of playing and eating. In the evenings, he nurses frequently and then goes to bed around the same time as his siblings and sleeps until about 2 am, when Josiah and him like to get in bed with Mama for a bit.

He smiles and coos regularly. He laughs at the most random times, especially when Eila is jumping around and talking to him. Thad just loves his big sister and thinks she is the funniest thing around. If it is quiet enough to hear him, he will talk happily for quite a while. He enjoys being tickled and watching fans turn around. Thaddeus loves to be in the sling, especially when he is tired and he'll gladly sleep on Mama all the time.

Diaper changes are a very happy time for Thad as he gets a lot of one-on-one face attention during that time and often a zerbert or two or twenty (depending on if Eila and Josiah are helping). Some of the new tricks that he is working on include blowing raspberries and attempting to roll over. He has rolled from his front to his back once, but has not yet gotten the back to front. Since he is getting stronger, we've gone in the jogging stroller (sitting up) a few times and even made a trip to the zoo where he slept peacefully in it.

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